Welcome to my homepage!

You can find most of my personal projects at neb.cx.

Contact me at

High Priority:

  • my id on session (qr code) (Preferred)
  • nebulabc on libera.chat/most popular IRC servers (Preferred)
  • nebulabc on discord

Medium Priority:

  • social [at] neb.cx (pgp) for casual communication (Preferred)
  • @nebulabc@social.neb.cx on Mastodon

Low Priority:

  • contact [at] nebulabc.net for professional inquires

Things I like

I enjoy working on retro tech, even though I might not publically talk about it much.
I also like C and Java.
I enjoy working with linux systems, my favourite distro is Gentoo, but my daily driver is Silverblue.
I often work on FOSS projects in my spare time.

View my work

you can find my work on my git profile

Recommended software

  • Zipline - My preferred image server, which I power with a B2 backend
  • Flameshot - The software I use to snap pictures that I upload to my image server
  • i3 - My desktop environment
  • NoMachine - My remote desktop solution of choice. One of the only low data & low latency remote desktops for linux
  • alacritty - The terminal emulator that I use
  • Vencord - Create your own functionality and themes for your discord client (This entry was previously BetterDiscord, but Vencord works better.)
  • Intellij Idea Ultimate - My java IDE. There’s also a free (community) version
  • CLion - My C IDE
  • SearXNG - My search engine of choice
  • Jellyfin - How I listen to my music library
  • Signal - A secure messaging application that’s much better than iMessage or SMS
  • AMP - My game panel of choice
  • Quassel - An advanced IRC bouncer that uses a custom client and server
  • Prism Launcher - A better Minecraft launcher
  • GoToSocial - What I use for my personal Mastodon server. Lightweight and easy to set up.